This page will grow over time. We want to encourage an open and ongoing dialogue with performers, venues and supporters alike. If you have a question that is now answered here, please contact us.

Audience FAQs

Q: What is (Brighton &) Hove Grown?
A: A festival of new writing exclusively for Brighton & Hove writers and performers.

Q: How new is new writing?
A: All shows were performed for the first time less than two years ago, but many are being performed for the first time.

Q: Who is eligible for the concession ticket price?
A: Under 16s (where venues allow), senior citizens, the unemployed, students, service staff and Equity members.

Performer FAQs


Q: How do I register?
A: A registration form will go live on the site later in 2017. There is a fee payable at the time of registration. The fee for 2018 will be confirmed in due course. In 2017, it was £27.

Q: What do I get for my registration fee?
A: A lot! Your show will be included in printed brochures to be distributed around Brighton & Hove, as well as the website. Plus you’ll have the support of the (Brighton &) Hove Grown admin team.

Q: Why can I only register for two shows this year?
A: We anticipate a high demand for places, and we want to ensure that every show has the greatest number of bums on seats. If you feel that you can fill a venue for more than two nights, we’re more than happy to discuss this with you.


Q: How new is “new writing”?
A: The new work must not have been performed for the first time more than two years ago.

Q: What’s a “strong Brighton & Hove connection”?
A: Either the writer or production company must live or work within Brighton & Hove. This includes Portslade and Saltdean.

Q: I live in East Saltdean, can I take part?
A: Yes! For simplicity’s sake we have chosen not to use Brighton & Hove City Council’s boundaries.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to register a single short film?
A: We would recommend that you team up with other filmmakers and put on a night or two of films at one of the venues. This is the first time we have opened to film, so please let us know your thoughts if you have ideas for how this could work.

Curation and venues

Q: Who makes up the curation panel?
A: All of our venues will be offered the chance to take part in curating the festival. They will be complemented by Guy Wah from ZLS Creative, and Sarah Johnson and JD Henshaw from Sweet Venues.

Q: What happens if I don’t get my preferred venue?
A: You will be allocated an alternative venue.

Q: I have an ongoing relationship with a venue. Can I organise directly with them before submitting my application?
A: Of course, assuming the venue is participating in the festival. Just make sure you let us know that you’ve done so on your application form.

Registration fee

As performing artists ourselves, we appreciate concerns about the costs of putting on a show. We thought long and hard before deciding to ask for a participation fee. The purpose of the fee is two-fold:

  1. To go towards the substantial costs of printing and distributing brochures and maintaining the website, as well as promoting the festival to ensure maximum coverage for all.
  2. To ensure that there is a commitment towards taking part in the festival.

From a marketing perspective alone, we feel that the registration fee represents great value for money. We have asked venues to offer sympathetic deals to performers in regard to ticketing deals, and we are managing the ticket distribution arrangements centrally.

2018 will be the third year of the festival. We want to encourage an open and ongoing dialogue with performers, venues and partners alike, and we are keen for people to contact us with any concerns they may have. All feedback will inform how we develop the festival going forward. Please use the contact form on the site to get in touch.